DNA-tests display link to clan Mac Donald

70 per cent of DNA-tests, (Y-37) of stril’s at the Norwegian Atlantic Coast, have Y-12 or Y-25 match with clan Mac Donald. This clan has their base on the islands of the Hebrides, in the Irish (Gaelic) speaking areas of Western Scotland.

Information about the DNA-tests in Norwegian language.

DNA-matches with Clan Mac Donald

In 2016, 20 males of Stril’ around Bergen joined a DNA-project. 70 per cent of them had matches on Clan Mac Donald on the Hebrides.  This is the original clan Somlair (Somerled). DNA-tests display that this clan is of Norse-Gales origin.  Half Irish and half Scandinavian.

These matches are 12 out of 12 STR-markers in the y-cromoson, that follows the father to son line back in history. According to Family Tree DNA, (FTDNA) Houston, Texas, it is 95 per sent likely that these 14 strils have a common ancestor with Clan Mac Donald, 29 generations back. There are 25 years per generation (FTDNA-calculation). This gives us the year 1293 A.D.

(40 prosent av DNA-testar (y-37) av strilar på kysten kring Bergen, har y-12 eller y-25 treff på klanen Mac Donald. Denne klanen har sin base på øygruppa Hebridene, i dei irsk-talande (Gaelic) områda i Vest-Skottland).

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